Horizon Preise

Wettbewerb für Innovationspreise

Angabe ohne Gewähr, die verbindlichen Daten sind nur auf der Webseite der Europäischen Kommission veröffentlicht

Improved mobility for older people - 2 Mio €

Develop innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for older people (65+)

Deadline: 28.02.2019

Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid - 5 Mio €

Develop innovative solutions for the delivery of humanitarian aid based on frugal application of advanced technologies

Deadline: 15.01.2020

Early Warning for Epidemics - 5 Mio €

Develop a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective early-warning system prototype to forecast and monitor vector-borne diseases in order to contribute to the prevention of outbreaks, mitigating their impact on local, regional and global scales, and providing support to existing elimination efforts

2018 second quarter – contest opens
2020 third quarter – deadline to submit applications
2021 first quarter – prize awarded

ICT Key Enabling Technologies

Ansprechpartner: NKS IKT

Tactile Displays for the Visually Impaired - 3 Mio €

Deadline: 27.11.2018